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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a concept popularized over 20 years ago by renowned psychologist Daniel Goleman. It’s about how well we identify and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others in our work and personal relationships. Since then, an entire branch of behavioural science has blossomed around it, complete with proven methods of testing for and strengthening emotional intelligence among individuals.  

Signs of strong emotional intelligence include things like being aware of and controlling your feelings, benefitting from criticism, and showing empathy when others are distraught. People who are emotionally intelligent are often happier, more pleasant to spend time or work with, and better at getting the most out of people, whether that’s family, friends or colleagues.

The 5 components of emotional intelligence


Knowing what we’re feeling and why we’re feeling it. This involves good intuition, good decision-making, and shows that a person has a moral compass.


Handling your distressing emotions in an effective way so that they don’t cripple you.

Inner motivation

Having passion for work that goes beyond money and status, like curiosity in learning or a belief that it’s an important part of life.


The ability to take the perspective of, and in some cases vicariously experience the circumstances or emotional state of, another.

Social skills

Putting it all together in a skilled, emotionally intelligent, relationship.

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