From Discord to Cohesion


More than anything else, working well as a team takes trust. Trusting that each team member knows their role and will do their part. Trusting that each will help the other. Trusting that all will pull together to meet a shared goal.

We help teams, most often leadership teams, to build the trust that is so essential to working effectively together. Sometimes it’s a team that is struggling, or two teams coming together as the result of a merger. When decision-making, hierarchy or methods of communication aren’t clear, it creates a lack of trust, which hampers performance.

By strengthening your team’s collective emotional intelligence , I can help you to iron out the wrinkles and integrate productively. The result? You’ll become a true team—you will work as a cohesive unit, hit deadlines, and get things done.

How it works

Initial conversation
We begin with a conversation in which we explore team dynamics, needs and goals. This is typically best accomplished in person with several members of the team. The goal is to get a good grasp of the current situation.
Once we have established scope of work, I make use of an assessment tool to uncover team strengths and challenges, focusing on 14 competency metrics. This will make the process more efficient, since it shows us what team functions we will need to focus on, and which ones one we won’t.
Action Plan
We analyze assessment results together and then engage in a conversation on points of strength, where there is opportunity for improvement, and desired results. The result is an Action Plan that aims at two (measurable) outcomes:

  • Measurable improvement in team competencies. The team will work together better and use those skills in other team environments.
  • Measurable positive impact on business metrics. Doing our best to isolate other variables, we seek to measure real business results.
Building Sessions
We meet regularly to discuss, assess and realign on building out the behavioural and skills actions that the team has identified.
Review & Next Steps
The average engagement lasts from six to eight months and results in a clearer understanding of responsibilities, heightened trust and a tighter team whose members work together much more productively. At the end, we review what the team has learned measure performance and set out next steps.

Tailored Workshops

I also deliver tailored workshops for teams and organizations. These include the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, resiliency, influencing without authority, and the fundamentals of leadership development.

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